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About Road to Purity

The Pornography Epidemic

Pornography use in today’s society is at epidemic levels and is quietly destroying our culture, families, and our youth. In the United States, nearly 11 million teens access pornography daily, a new porn video is created every 39 minutes, and nearly 50% of men and 20% of women are addicted to some type of pornography. The number of individuals affected by pornography is two to three times greater than the combined total of those who are on drugs or alcohol! Both men and women struggle with addiction to pornography. Indeed, a countless number are despairing and feel hopeless that they will ever become free of its stronghold.

The US State Department reported in 2014 that there were over 2,000 internet sites on child rape and torture sourced.

In 2012, the International Labour Organization estimated that nearly 21 million people worldwide were trapped in sex trafficking.

Pornography changes people into objects, thus dehumanizing the creation of God. More than a sin, pornography use is a social disease that devastates human dignity and destroys love and relationships. Survey after survey reveal the undeniable link between pornography, prostitution, infidelity, and human sex trafficking, making porn no longer a private or a victimless affair.

The US State Department reported in 2014 that there were over 2,000 internet sites on child rape and torture sourced. In 2012, the International Labour Organization estimated that nearly 21 million people worldwide were trapped in sex trafficking.

Mission and Vision

Road to Purity’s mission is to reveal to society the physical and spiritual devastation of pornography and sexual addiction while leading men and women to the truth of authentic love and sexual purity.

Our vision is to eliminate the desolation resulting from sexual sin and to reveal that there is another way.

How do we do this?

5 Keys to Freedom: The “5 Keys to Freedom from Sexual Sin” is an 8-page credit card–size pamphlet that outlines keys for critical change. Over 200,000 of these pamphlets have been distributed to men and women by Catholic priests in the confessional, through ushers at church services, downloaded via the Road to Purity website, and handed out at Christian conferences.

Personal Testimony: Dann Aungst, Road to Purity founder, has given his personal, candid, and honest testimony to thousands at conferences and gatherings.

Books: Books like 40 Days to Freedom: Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity, authored by Dann Aungst, offer a personal account of the reality of addiction, its effects and dangers, and a step-by-step process for developing alternative healthy behaviors while healing the underlying source of addiction. This entire process is expressed in a godly foundation and supports the cultivation of fraternal relationships that foster stability and relationship with Christ.

Restoring God’s Foundation: Restoring God's Foundation is unlike any other program in existence. Built on the small group experience, Restoring God's Foundation's results are founded on the mandatory need for transparency and vulnerability in order to bring authentic and lasting freedom. Healing cannot happen in a static environment like an internet based or remote program. The program builds strength by being face to face with brothers in Christ.

Workshops: “God’s Plan for Healthy Sexuality” is a workshop that addresses issues critical to recovery:

This workshop guides participants in ways to understand and enjoy authentic intimacy, revive their relationships, and experience freedom from the chains of addiction. The workshop offers a personal path through God’s plan, discusses the war we all face in following His plan, and outlines practical steps in winning the war for authentic purity.

This workshop is offered live to groups or is available in a workbook format with links to 4 hours of online videos.

Speaking Engagements: Dann Aungst, Road to Purity’s founder, is available for live presentations to groups on several topics related to pornography, it effects on society and families, and steps to protect our families.

Blogging: Articles on pornography, its effects, and steps to freedom are regularly posted on Road to Purity’s blog as well as other sites across the internet. Dann Aungst is also a guest writer for Covenant Eyes.

Social Media: The Road to Purity Facebook page has reached ½ million individuals with messages of hope, spirituality, and education through clips and articles of inspiration, information on the dangers of pornography, and links for help.

Educating Clergy and Seminarians: For several years, Dann has presented a seminar to deacons and graduating seminarians on pornography and how to address the topic with penitents in the confessional and beyond.

Counseling: Road to Purity also offers counseling one on one and in accountability groups.

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