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What would it be like to find freedom from what once “seemed” like innocent behavior, but now consumes so much of who you are—to never waste another second (or hours at a time) looking at porn, fantasizing about sex or acting out, or making other choices that satisfy you in the short-term but inevitably lead to feelings of regret and shame? Could you really just walk away from it all and find peace? I have good and bad news for you. First the good news: Freedom is possible. You are not destined to stay stuck in a life consumed by lust, porn, and sexual addiction. That is not the life God created for you. I assure you there is another way—and my life is a testimony to that. The bad news is that it doesn’t happen without effort on your part. Making a change in how you live your day-today life is never easy, and this is especially true with porn and sex addiction. But you are not alone. In this book, I guide you on this journey to freedom and purity. With so much to do, let’s get started!

40 Days Online