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The Program

The site is the Interactive online version of the best-selling book/workbook 40 Days to Freedom: Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity. This Christian-centered process is designed to help you break free from the cycle of porn or sex addiction. Written and developed by author Dann Aungst

President and Founder of Road to Purity, Dann Aungst, and former sex addict of 35 years, guides you through a foundation of behavior changes, applying the science of addiction and weaving in spirituality to help you rebuild your relationships—with God, with yourself, and with others—as well as restore personal peace, heal your soul, and regain a purposeful life.

Practical Online

Not only includes the very thorough educational understanding text of all the how and why of pornography addiction, it also guides you through how to:

  • Develop strategies
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Understand exactly why you desire and crave porn
  • Understand your behaviors and triggers
  • And guide you through a 40 day interactive path to freedom.
In the 40 day experience you
  • Track your daily actions
  • Are guided through prayer activities
  • Record your victories and falls
  • Help heal the brokenness that results in the bondage to sinful sexual behaviors
  • And are guided in how to rewire your neural pathways of your brain to desire healthy sexuality and true intimacy instead of the counterfeit false intimacy that has been so difficult to beat.
A program of